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When building a new home, making smart decisions up front will pay off in he logn term.
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How do I get started?

1. Call my office at (716) 433-6759, or e-mail me through this website. The initial consultation is free. If you choose to continue we would then schedule the initial inspection and energy audit. The cost for this is $250.00 payable at the time of inspection. The post work test out inspection is free. Prior to the inspection I will need to review your energy consumption so please have your current bills handy when you call.

2. Read over the 7 Easy Steps To Energy Star Financing, the Eligible Accessories . Review the Monthly Payment chart for an example of monthly payments based on how much money borrowed compared to the length of the loan.

3. Read over the Assisted Home Performance With Energy Star outline to see if you qualify for a subsidy. Now call Energy Finance Solutions at 1-800-361-5663 for pre-approval over the phone and to get answers to any questions to this point. Usually Barbara or Michelle will answer. You may want to mention my name, Todd Blackley.

4. Download the Credit Application for the 5% financing and, if you qualify, the one page "Supplemental Application". You can also choose to fill out the Online Application.

5. At the same time you should be choosing the contractors to complete the work. If they are not BPI accredited I will need to talk to them prior to any work performed. They may want to talk to me before they finalize their bid. If you do not have preferred contractors then just call me for an updated list of those I inspect regularly. You may also choose to do some work yourself if capable.

6. Once Energy Finance Solutions has received, reviewed and approved your credit application they will call me for all the bids and I in turn will combine them for simplicity. Energy Finance Solutions will send out the final loan and or subsidy documents for your signature and when they receive them back I will get the go ahead to begin the work.

7. Upon the completion of all work I will come back to do a another test ensuring that the work was done in accordance with Energy Star guidelines. At that time you will sign the completion form and I will complete the technical aspects of the program and send it into the state who will release the funds for payment. Those contractors that are BPI accredited can be paid directly by Energy Finance Solutions and those not accredited are paid through me.

8. At anytime during this process I am at your disposal to answer whatever questions you may have

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