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Building Performance Solutions helps existing home owners.
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Here are the main ways Building Performance Solutions helps existing home owners

Comprehensive Home Assessment
We use the latest in technology to look at the performance of your home with respect to health, safety, and energy efficiency. Read more about the Comprehensive Home Assessment performed by Building Performance Sloutions

Green Jobs / Green New York is now offering FREE home energy Audits [read more].

Diagnostic Testing

Many homeownwers have "trouble spots" that they would like fixed.  We can diagnose problems like unwanted moisture or a drafty room, and provide solutions.  These situations are handled outside of the Energy Star program because they are typically small scale and do not require a comprehensive home assessment.

Call our our office today to talk about your options.  Contact us.

Online Energy Usage Survey

The first step in fixing something is knowing what is bad and just how bad it is. Our free on-line survey rates your Home Energy Efficiency Performance and even breaks it down to help pinpoint your problem area. You can use it as a general rating to help sell your home or as a great tool when comparing homes when you are the buyer.

Along with your energy score, you will also find out how much pollution you home produces.

Take the survey now

If you would like a Verified Performance Certificate, Contact us. for an appointment (the certification process requires a site visit).